Dennis  Lal,  PhD

Dennis Lal, PhD

Assistant Staff

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Dr. Lal uses genetic data from in-house and globally collected patient cohorts to discover genes related to epilepsy syndromes, to develop novel methods for interpreting missense variants and to characterize patient disease trajectories. Through his research, Dr. Lal hopes to increase our understanding of how alterations in the genome contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders and, ultimately, to improve patient outcomes.

03/07/2022 |  

Prediction Model Aids in the Early Diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome

Dr. Lal and colleagues have developed a statistical model that integrates genetic and clinical data to calculate the probability of developing Dravet syndrome.

04/21/2021 |  

Researchers to Study Genetics of Focal Cortical Dysplasia with New NIH Grant

Dr. Lal’s team will perform the most comprehensive genetic analysis of focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) to confirm proposed FCD-associated genes and identify novel FCD causal genes and variants.

04/20/2021 |  

Cancer Genetics Researchers Receive VeloSano Awards

These awards provide Drs. Eng, Lal and Lesmana with seed funding for their highly innovative and potentially impactful cancer research projects.

10/26/2020 |  

Not All Mutations are Bad: Researchers Identify Differences between Benign and Pathogenic Variants

Dr. Lal’s team conducted the first big data characterization of missense variants from 1,300 disease-associated genes to identify features associated with pathogenic and benign variants.

03/12/2020 |  

Researchers Calculate Incidence Estimates for More than 100 Rare Brain Disorders

Dr. Lal adjusted and used a statistical model based on mutation rate to predict the annual number of new cases of over 100 rare monogenetic neurodevelopmental disorders caused by de novo variants, offering previously unavailable estimates for disease burden.