Chair’s Message

Welcome to the department of Inflammation & Immunity in Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute. I hope you will explore our pages and learn more about our diverse, deeply committed team of scientists who vigorously investigate the origins and manifestations of infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Through this pursuit of impactful translational research in the laboratory, ultimately driving best practices in the clinic and community, our discoveries help improve the lives of millions of patients around the globe.

I invite you to contact me or other faculty and staff, with questions you have about the department and our research.

Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD, PhD
Department Chair

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance scientific understanding by bringing together a dedicated and collaborative team of scientists at the forefront of immunologic and organ-based research to improve and enhance human health. Working side-by-side with physicians to study patients and diseases, our investigators address challenging questions to uncover the root causes of inflammatory diseases, and ultimately translate these discoveries into new diagnostic testing, therapies and preventive measures for patients.

Our Values

We achieve our mission through the efforts of more than 40 principal investigators that lead 250 scientists, trainees and technical staff in an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. We believe diversity of thought, perspective and complementary expertise accelerates the translation of our research into discoveries that drive enhanced patient health.

Research Areas of Focus

Our research focuses on the implications for human disease and encompasses a diversity of disciplines that strengthen our collaborative nature and create scientific intersections that drive discovery. Our expertise advances research in immune and stem cells, host defense, metabolism, alcohol injury, fibrosis and host-microbial interactions.

Within our seven areas of focus, groundbreaking research is leading to innovations including new immune-based therapies for cancer, transformative therapies in transplantation immunology and discovery of new mechanisms and therapies in organ rejection, among many others.

We Foster Personal and Professional Growth

As we pursue these scientific goals, the department is also dedicated to training the next generation of scientists as postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. To that end, we are seeking dynamic, innovative new members of the department with diverse research, clinical and teaching interests. Many of our scientists benefit from start-up funding, access to world-class facilities and core services, robust mentoring programs, opportunities for teaching and shared or joint appointments in other departments.

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Learn about what drives our research and discoveries uncovering the root causes of inflammatory disease and the unique environment, support and resources Cleveland Clinic offers investigators.

Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD, PhD

Gail Cresci, PhD

Xiaoxia Li, PhD

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