Srinivasan  Dasarathy,  MD

Srinivasan Dasarathy, MD


Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Our research program consists of a robust clinical, translational, and fundamental laboratory-based research thatfocuses on the skeletal muscle metabolic responses during chronic diseases including liver disease. Muscle loss is consistently observed in patients with chronic liver disease and other end stage organ diseases and adversely affects clinical outcomes.

Our team has identified unique cellular stress responses mediated by hyperammonemia, hypoxia and ethanol exposure as mediators of translational regulation and subcellular organelle dysfunction that contribute to muscle loss in disease.Our discoveries include the development of accelerated senescence in response to chronic cellular stress.

We use complementary state of the art approaches including integrated metabolic-molecular experimental studies, multiomics analyses and genome association studies in a comprehensive array cellular and rodent models as well as human disease subjects to dissect molecular regulation of metabolic plasticity in chronic diseases.

These studies have broad clinical applications because they lay the foundation for developing novel, mechanism-based targeted therapies to restore protein homeostasis and molecular and metabolic perturbations in chronic diseases.

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