Cleveland Clinic’s Musculoskeletal Research Center (MSRC), established in 2001, spans the broad and multidisciplinary aspects of musculoskeletal research ongoing across Cleveland Clinic, including orthopaedics, rheumatology, spine, physiatry, imaging, pathology, neurosciences, and biostatistics. We foster collaboration and growth of Cleveland Clinic’s musculoskeletal research community through a variety of strategic programs and initiatives. These include a pilot projects program, internal grant review program, seminar series, annual retreat, and national/international workshops and conferences, as well as support and development of infrastructure and resources, strategic recruitments, and philanthropic outreach. We invite interested parties to contact us at the MSRC to learn more about our activities and opportunities for participation.

The MSRC is led by Kathleen A. Derwin, PhD (Director), Biomedical Engineering, and Kurt P. Spindler, MD (Co-Director), Orthopaedic Surgery. Oversight of the MSRC is provided by a Governance Board, and strategic direction is implemented by a Steering Committee.

MSRC Governance Board

MSRC Steering Committee