Clinical Trials and Research Studies

NIH (NIAMS)   ---   U01AR068043  (sub-award)
Husni, Elaine
“Treatments against RA and Effect on FDG PET CT: The Target Trial”

NIH (NIAMS)   ---   R21AR069150
Elias, John
“Computational Simulation of Dynamic Motion for Knees with Patellar Instability to Compare MPFL Reconstruction to Tibial Tuberosity Medialization as a Function of Knee Anatomy”

NIH (NIAMS)   ---   R01AR053684
Spindler, Kurt
“Prognosis and Predictors of ACL Reconstruction: A Multicenter Cohort Study”

NIH (NIAMS)   ---   U01AR071658 (sub-award)                      
Jones, Morgan
“Treatment of Meniscal Problems in Osteoarthritis (TEMPO)”

NIH (NIAMS)   ---   R01AR055557 (sub-award)
Jones, Morgan
“Partial Meniscectomy versus Nonoperative Management in Meniscal Tear with OA: An RCT”

DOD (CDMRP)   ---   MR140156   
Marasco, Paul
“Physiologically Relevant Prosthetic Limb Movement Feedback for Upper and Lower Extremity Amputees”

NIH (NCI)   ---   R01CA175100 (sub-award)             
Alberts, Jay
“Revving-up Exercise for Sustained Weight Loss by Altering Neurological Reward and Drive”

NIH (NINDS)   ---   R01NS073717
Alberts, Jay
“The Cyclical Lower-Extremity Exercise (CYCLE) for Parkinson’s Trial”

NIH (NINDS)   ---   R01NS081710
Marasco, Paul
“Restoring Upper Limb Movement Sense to Amputees; A Move Towards Natural Control of Prosthetic Limbs”

NIH (NIAMS)   ---   R01AR068342
Derwin, Kathleen / Iannotti, Joseph
“Failure with Continuity and its Relation to Rotator Cuff Repair Clinical Outcomes”