Dawn M Taylor,  Ph.D.

Dawn M Taylor, Ph.D.

Associate Staff

Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine, CCLCM-CWRU

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


My lab focuses on restoring motor function after injury or disease. One major research thrust focuses on using technology to bypass damaged neurons and to restore movements by thought after paralysis. Specifically, my lab is refining methods to record neural activity from the brain, decode one’s desired arm movement from that recorded neural activity, and then stimulate the muscles in a manner that will generate the desired movement in real time. We use both invasive and non-invasive brain recording methods, and our muscle stimulation algorithms are designed to be easily customizable to each person’s unique post-injury limb.

My second major research thrust is focused on understanding neural network dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease and how deep brain stimulation serves to renormalize motor processing. Our approach is to compare multichannel neural activity recorded from cortical and deep brain structures from normal and Parkinsonian brains. We also track neural activity in Parkinsonian brains when different stimulation patterns are applied to deep brain structures. The resulting data are being used to guide the development of computational models of neural network function where we can more efficiently explore what network changes can trigger abnormal activity and how to optimize deep brain stimulation to renormalize brain function.

Selected Publications:

Hermann JK, Ravikumar M, Shoffstall AJ, Ereifej ES, Kovach KM, Chang J, Soffer A, Wong C, Srivastava V, Smith P, Protasiewicz G, Jiang J, Selkirk SM, Miller RH, Sidik S, Ziats NP, Taylor DM, Capadona JR. (2018) Inhibition of the cluster of differentiation 14 innate immunity pathway with IAXO-101 improves chronic microelectrode performance. J Neural Eng. 15(2):025002. PMID: 29219114; PMCID: PMC5818286

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Jiang J, Marathe AR, Keene JC, Taylor DM. (2017) A testbed for optimizing electrodes embedded in the skull or in artificial skull replacement pieces used after injury. J Neurosci Methods 277:21-29. PMID: 27979758; PMCID: PMC5253247

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Marathe AR, Taylor DM. (2011) Decoding position, velocity, or goal: does it matter for brain-machine interfaces? J Neural Eng. 8(2):025016. PMID: 21436529; PMCID: PMC3140465

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