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Molecular Medicine PhD Program Showcase


The Molecular Medicine PhD Program is a unique collaborative graduate training opportunity that integrates medical knowledge into graduate training. Every autumn, Lerner Research Institute holds the annual showcase event to celebrate the PhD students and their research.

This year, Dr. Erzurum kicked off the event by commenting on how proud she is of the students’ hard work and efforts to make a difference in patient care. Fifth year students gave oral presentations, while the rest of the program presented posters. Postdoctoral fellows from Lerner served as poster judges. At the end of the event, Dr. Jonathan Smith, program director, distributed awards to the students in each class who had the best poster and oral presentation.

The goal of the showcase event is to display the exciting translational research being conducted by PhD students and how it can lead to new understanding of disease, medications and therapies. The following students received the 2019 showcase awards:

  • 5th year oral presentation: Chase Neumann (Brown Lab)
  • 5th year+ poster: Tyler Alban (Lathia Lab)
  • 4th year poster: Megan Zangara (McDonald Lab)
  • 3rd year poster: Lucas Osborn (Claesen Lab)
  • 2nd year poster: Shilpa Rao (Louveau Lab)

Students accepted into the Molecular Medicine PhD Program pay no tuition, receive a competitive stipend while they are enrolled and receive core textbooks and a laptop computer.

Click here for more program details and to apply.

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