• Kurt Spindler, MD: OOC Director
  • Elizabeth Sosic, BS: OME Program Manager
  • Greg Strnad, MS: Lead Database Designer
  • Sage O’Bryant, BS: System Analyst
  • Brittany Stojsavljevic, BA: Editorial Assistant
  • Aretha Siggers, BS: Research Assistant
  • Sonja Ealy, BS: Research Assistant
  • LaTashua Manning, BS: Research Assistant
  • Charlotte Gapas, MBA: Research Assistant


The OOC began in 2005 as the Orthopaedic Clinical Research Center (later renamed to Clinical Outcomes Research Center in 2007) under the direction of Dr. Boris Bershadsky, PhD, who brought over twenty years of academic and business experience in biomedical, bioengineering, and healthcare research to the department to create an organized program and infrastructure for the collection, analysis, and publication of clinical outcomes data. The resulting program was called the Orthopaedic Minimal Data Set, or OrthoMiDaS for short, and took the form of personalized clinical assessments that patients would fill out on paper while waiting in the lobby to see their orthopaedic physicians for a clinic visit.

The first incarnation of the system was piloted at Cleveland Clinic main campus in 2006 as a largely manual process; by 2008 the system had been integrated with the electronic scheduling system to support automated printing across twelve northeast Ohio office locations, scanning of forms back into the OrthoMiDaS database, and realtime upload of calculated results back into the electronic medical record to support clinical documentation. By mid-2014, OrthoMiDaS was covering up to 1000 patients a day across 25 offices in Ohio and Florida. These patient-reported data were combined with the operative scheduling and financial databases to drive orthopaedic research studies, provide core data sets for the annual Outcomes Booklets, and promote quality and safety initiatives in the department.

In 2014, Dr. Kurt Spindler took on the role as director of the research group, which was renamed to the Musculoskeletal Outcomes Research Center (MORC) and later to the Amy and David Krohn Family Orthopaedic Outcomes Center (OOC). Drawing on the existing cultural and technical infrastructure for outcomes collection at the Cleveland Clinic and over a decade of experience with the Multicenter Orthopaedic Outcomes Network (MOON), Dr. Spindler refined OrthoMiDaS into a more focused outcomes collection system that is today known as Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation .