Bo  Hu,  PhD

Bo Hu, PhD


Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Phone: (216) 444-3009


Our research is broadly aiming to develop novel statistical and machine learning methods for personalized medicine. Recently we are focusing on integrative omics and innovative clinical trial designs, which are two areas lying on the two ends of biological and clinical research pathway. In particular, we want to idenfity biological networks across multiple omic layers that drive the disease progression at detailed molecular level. Based on actionable biomarker networks, clinical trials can be designed to develop novel treatments for the disease.

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Recent Publications:
  1. Li L, Greene T, Hu B(2018). A simple method to estimate the time-dependent receiver operating characteristic curve and the area under the curve with right censored data. Stat Methods Med Res. Aug;27(8):2264-2278.
  2. Koirala P, Hu B, Altinay M, Li M, DiVita AL, Bryant KA, Karne HS, Fiedorowicz JG, Anand A. Sub-threshold bipolar disorder in medication-free young subjects with major depression: Clinical characteristics and antidepressant treatment response. J Psychiatr Res. 2018 Dec 8;110:1-8.
  3. Li L, Luo S, Hu B, Greene T (2017). Dynamic Prediction of Renal Failure Using Longitudinal Biomarkers in a Cohort Study of Chronic Kidney Disease. Stat Biosci 9(2): 357-378.
  4. Lempka SF, Malone DA, Jr., Hu B, Baker KB, Wyant A, Ozinga JGt, Plow EB, Pandya M, Kubu CS, Ford PJ, Machado AG (2017). Randomized clinical trial of deep brain stimulation for poststroke pain. Ann Neurol 81(5): 653-663.
  5. Bhasin JM, Hu B, Ting AH (2016). MethylAction: detecting differentially methylated regions that distinguish biological subtypes. Nucleic Acids Research44(1): 106-116.
  6. Hu B, Li L, Greene T (2016). Joint multiple imputation for longitudinal outcomes and clinical events that truncate longitudinal follow-up. Statistics in Medicine35(17): 2991-3006.
  7. Li L, Hu B, Kattan M (2014). Modeling potential time to event data with competing risks. Lifetime Data Analysis20(2): 316-334.
  8. Wang XF, Hu B, Wang B, Fang KN (2014). Bayesian generalized varying coefficient models for longitudinal proportional 
  9. Hu B, Bekele BN, Ji Y (2013). Adaptive dose insertion in early phase clinical trials. Clinical Trials10(2): 216-224.
  10. Hu B, Ji Y, Xu Y, Ting AH (2013). Screening for SNPs with Allele-Specific Methylation based on Next-Generation Sequencing Data. Stat Biosci5(1): 179-197.

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