OBUMRM: A FORTRAN Program to Analyze Multi-Reader, Multi-Modality ROC Data

JPredictor: Java based temporal decomposition hazards nomograms

ROC Analysis

SAS software packages

Power Simulations for Composite Binary Endpoints:  MULTBINPOW

Parametric Temporal Decomposition of Hazard Function

A unified approach to measuring the effect size between two groups using SAS [download]

R software packages

randomForestSRC: Random Forests for Survival, Regression and Classification (RF-SRC)

ggRandomForests: Visually Exploring Random Forest Models

hviPlotR: Publication Graphics with CCF HVI clinical investigations formatting using ggplot2

l2boost: Demonstration of efficient boosting methods for linear regression

xportEDA: A shiny app for visually exploring plotting data files

redcapAPI: Access data stored in REDCap databases using the Application Programming Interface (API)

clincialTrialQIB: Shiny app for sample size adjustment during clinical trials using quantitative imaging biomarkers