OBUMRM: A FORTRAN Program to Analyze Multi-Reader, Multi-Modality ROC Data

JPredictor: Java based temporal decomposition hazards nomograms

ROC Analysis

Survival Analysis

SAS software packages

Power Simulations for Composite Binary Endpoints:  MULTBINPOW

Parametric Temporal Decomposition of Hazard Function

A unified approach to measuring the effect size between two groups using SAS [download]

R software packages

randomForestSRC: Random Forests for Survival, Regression and Classification (RF-SRC)

ggRandomForests: Visually Exploring Random Forest Models

hviPlotR: Publication Graphics with CCF HVI clinical investigations formatting using ggplot2

l2boost: Demonstration of efficient boosting methods for linear regression

xportEDA: A shiny app for visually exploring plotting data files

redcapAPI: Access data stored in REDCap databases using the Application Programming Interface (API)

clincialTrialQIB: Shiny app for sample size adjustment during clinical trials using quantitative imaging biomarkers

Sample size calculators

Sample size calculator for many different study designs

Sample size calculator for proportions and areas under the receiver operating characteristic curve

Sample size calculator for constructing statistical prediction models