The Hazard Package Documentation

Overview of Procedures: Parametric Analysis of Time-Related Events.

This document contains various documentation related to the Hazard in assorted formats. Two SAS-interfaced procedures, PROC HAZARD and PROC HAZPRED, are described. These procedures constitute an analysis system for generalized completely parametric censored-data analysis and display. They utilize the scheme of decomposition of the distribution of times to an event (or of any positive variable) into up to 3 overlapping phases of hazard (competing risks), each phase scaled by a parametric function of concomitant variables. The equations and general methods for using the procedures are given in this overview, while details of syntax are given in the subsequent two documents specifying the procedures.

The HAZARD Procedure

PROC HAZARD is a procedure for parametric analysis of time-related events. However, you may use it to model arbitrary distributions of positive valued variables substituted for the TIME variable name. A detailed description of the model has been given in the overview document, Parametric Analysis of Time-Related Events: Overview of Procedures.

The HAZPRED Procedure

PROC HAZPRED is a procedure for calculation of time-related estimates (predictions) from a parametric equation previously established by PROC HAZARD.

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