The Hazard Package Downloads

The Hazard Package is a set of programs for the analysis of hazard functions. Originally developed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the package is currently being maintained and developed at Cleveland Clinic. The code is being made available in both source code and a small set of pre-compiled packages.

The Hazard package is designed to from run within SAS®. Macros and installation instructions are included to integrate the package into your SAS® installation.

Binary Distributions

You can download a precompiled version of the Hazard package through the following links. The programs included in this package have been successfully compiled, linked, and executed on the following platforms:

To install the binary package simply unpack the distribution file in an application parent directory (i.e. /usr/local or c:\). A distribution file will create the following directory structure: (More detailed installation instructions are available in the installation document.)

  • hazard
    HAZARD The hazard root
  • hazard/bin
    HAZAPPS The executable directory
  • hazard/doc
    Documentation for the system
  • hazard/examples
    HZEXAMPLES Example programs
  • hazard/examples/data
    Example data
  • hazard/examples/output
    Results that we got from the example programs.
  • hazard/examples/sasest
    SAS estimate data files
  • hazard/examples/sasest/ihd
    A SAS estimate data file
  • hazard/macros
    MACROS The utility macro directory.

Then proceed the appropriate installation instructions for MS Windows or Unix based platforms.

We have no way of testing these programs, or constructing specific installation instructions, for other systems. However, we hope that these guidelines below help you decide what should be done on your own system. We would very much appreciate any feedback regarding the process you use to install HAZARD. This will enable us to provide that information to others, so that their task will possibly be easier. We would also welcome contributions of packaged executable kits, compiled for different platforms.

Source Code Distribution

Our C code has been ported to other systems, and appears to compile and run with no problems. Nevertheless, even in the world of 'standard' C, there may be unexpected incompatibilities between our systems, particularly with regard to mathematical precision and library function parameters. If you encounter such problems, please let us know. We can attempt to work around them and make adjustments so that future versions will work on yours and similar systems without special effort.


The HAZARD package is written entirely in ANSI standard C, and uses lex and yacc for parsing its input commands. You must have equivalent compilers installed on your system before attempting to install HAZARD. Fortunately, all are freely available on the Internet, thanks to the GNU project.

You can download GCC, a C / C++ compiler, from the GNU Compiler Collection.

Once you have compiled GCC, you can download the Flex lex program and Bison, the parser compiler.

If you would like to compile the program on the Windows platform, we suggest you use the tools from the Cygwin project. This package includes all the tools required to compile the HAZARD system.

Then, download the hazard source distribution file.

For questions or comments, please contact us at