Research Seminars & Events

March 2021 6

Tuesday, 02 Mar 2021 11:30
Department of Inflammation and Immunity

Speaker:Anne R. Bresnick, PhD
Title: "S100A4: A Regulator of Cell Invasion"

Thursday, 04 Mar 2021 11:00
Florida Research and Innovation Center (FRIC)

Speaker:Bobby Herrera, Ph.D.
Title: Exploiting adaptive immunity to detect and disarm emerging RNA viruses

Friday, 05 Mar 2021 12:00
Department of Inflammation and Immunity

Speaker:Dr. Lin, CCF; Dr. Amer, OSU; Dr. McGeachy, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Title: Rust Belt Infection and Immunity Research Presentations - CCF, OSU, University of Pittsburgh

Friday, 05 Mar 2021 14:00
Department of Inflammation and Immunity

Speaker:Bojing Shao, PhD
Title: "Adhesion molecules in the regulation of leukocyte trafficking during inflammation"

Monday, 08 Mar 2021 16:00
Research Education & Training Center (RETC)

Title: LEADERS 2021 Seminar #3 - Metabolomics, Proteomics with Belinda Willard, PhD

Monday, 15 Mar 2021 07:30
Genomic Medicine Institute

Title: 4th Annual International PTEN Symposium: From Patient-Centered Research to Clinical Care