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The Lerner Research Institute's Core Services seek to facilitate and advance research throughout Cleveland Clinic by providing technologies that support basic, translational, and clinical research.

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Glassware Core

Procedures and QC

Glassware Sterility Procedures - LRI/BME/GMI/NC/NN

All Glassware provided and stocked by Glass Wash Services in the cabinets and shelves, on the floors of LRI and outside the Glass Wash Service areas in NB1 are sterile. There is no need to re-sterilize the glassware in these areas. Please see the sterility procedures posted in the autoclave rooms on the various floors and outside the Media Lab NB1-15 for sterilizing procedures. Please contact Lisa Banks at x50542 or if you have further questions.

Quality Control

All glassware is either baked @180°C for 8 hours or autoclaved @121°C to ensure sterilization has been reached. In addition to this, biological indicators and steam strips are used for each autoclaved load. Dry heat indicators are used in the hot air ovens. All glassware is thoroughly inspected before stocking in the common glassware area.