The Department of Translational Hematology and Oncology Research (THOR) conducts cancer research to develop and make available novel diagnostic tools, targeted therapies and clinical trials for direct use in patient care.

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Adapting Ideas from Quantum Physics to Calculate Alternative Interventions for Infection and Cancer

A team co-led by Dr. Scott shows for the first time how ideas from quantum physics can be translated and applied to biological problems, laying the foundation for a potential new area of study entirely, called quantum-inspired biological control.

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Department of Defense Awards $2.4M for Bladder Cancer Immunotherapy Research

Drs. Mian, Gupta and Hwang—a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and clinicians—will look for ways to optimize immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, including testing novel combinatory treatments and identifying predictive biomarkers of treatment response.

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Understanding the Balance Between Ecological and Evolutionary Contributors to Cancer

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