Babal Kant Jha,  Ph.D.

Babal Kant Jha, Ph.D.

Project Staff

Principal Investigator

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Location: NE6-305

Phone: (216) 444-6739


Epigenetics play a critical role in every cell to mount an accurate and efficient transcription profile for the maintenance of tissue-specific gene expression patterns to regulate normal development. The epigenetic dysregulation leads to genomic instability and aberrant gene expression that promotes decoupling of proliferation and differentiation a root cause of neoplastic evolution. Perturbation in one or more components of the epigenetic machinery (DNA methylation/demethylation, histone modifications, nucleosome positioning) driven by somatic or germline mutations are in the center of neoplastic evolution. The major interest of our research is to understand the distinct alterations in the epigenetic landscape that occur in cancer compared with normal cells. We investigate the role of DNA base modifications in the promoter and enhancer segments in cancer initiation and progression.The reversible nature of epigenetic aberrations has led us to develop novel treatment strategy by preferential targeting of malignant cells.Somatic mutations are essential pathogenic lesions in myeloid neoplasia. Among a variety of genes affected, some mutations can serve as target for drug development either directly or through modulation of down/up-stream pathways and regulatory signaling networks critical for leukemic cell survival and proliferation. DNA methylation-demethylation is central to epigenetic gene regulation. In humans, 60–80% of CpGs are methylated in somatic cells as a default state. TET-dioxygenases serve as the erasers of methylation from CpG containing DNA with TET2 accounting for more than 50% of TET activity in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs). Somatic mutations in the TET2 gene (TET2MT) are one of the most common genetic defects in myeloid neoplasia. Recently, we found that the loss of function mutations in TET2 a major DNA dioxygenase in myeloid leukemia leads to their susceptibility towards further TET inhibition. TET2MT cause partial loss of dioxygenase catalyzed oxidation of 5-methyl cytosine (5mC)à 5hydroxy methyl cytosine (5hmC) à5-formyl cytosine à (5fC) à5-carboxyl cytosine (caC) and hence regulate the promoter and enhancer activity.

We have developed a potent small molecule TET inhibitor which induced synthetic lethality to TET deficient pro-leukemic cells. TET-dioxygenase inhibition in TET-deficient leukemic cells leads to apoptosis.

Understanding structure-function relationship at atomic levels to discover new therapeutic targets and medicine of future has been the focus of our research over a decade. We are looking into ways by which HSC dysfunction happens and if that can be targeted for therapeutic development.

Lay Summary

Our lab seeks to understand how epegenetic dysregulation promotes neoplastic evolution and if the very defect that promote neoplasia can be targeted for novel therapeutic strategies.

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