Jacob Gardinier Scott,  MD, DPhil

Jacob Gardinier Scott, MD, DPhil


Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195

Scott Laboratory


Cancer is a complex disease that is an aberration of our own tissues, but it still obeys fundamental biological rules. Our greatest challenge in the clinic is the emergence of resistance to our therapies, a process which is governed by Darwinian evolution. Using a suite of mathematical and experimental models, my laboratory seeks to deconvolute the complexity of the evolutionary process into fundamental principles. We aim to use this knowledge to then curtail the evolutionary process to increase the efficacy of targeted therapies and radiation. This same knowledge can be further harnessed to understand the differences in disease progression and therapy response on a personalized basis, so that the right treatment can be given to the right patient at the right time.

Lay Summary

Our mission is to understand how cancers acquire resistance to targeted biological agents and radiation, and how pathogens evolve antibiotic resistance, and to harness this knowledge to design better therapeutic strategies for our patients.

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07/06/2022 |  

New Research Sheds Light on “Evolutionary Games” between Cancer and Healthy Cells in Targeted Therapy-Resistant Lung Cancer

Understanding cell growth dynamics may be the key to controlling therapeutic resistance.

09/20/2021 |  

Cancer Treatment Approach Developed by LRI Researchers Proven Feasible in Clinical Study

Dr. Scott invented a new radiation planning technique called Temporally Feathered Radiation Therapy to reduce toxicity, which has now been shown to be safe and feasible in a small clinical study.

08/04/2021 |  

Study Confirms Effectiveness of New Personalized Approach for Radiation Therapy

Dr. Scott and colleagues validated the genomic-adjusted radiation dose to be beneficial as a pan-cancer predictor of radiation therapy efficacy in new clinical study.

02/18/2021 |  

LRI Postdoc Selected for Esteemed Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship

Dr. Card, a postdoctoral fellow in the Scott lab, has been named a 2020 Hanna Gray Fellow, a fellowship that helps provide support for underrepresented and early-career biomedical researchers.

12/14/2020 |  

Combining Genomics and Mathematics Helps Personalize Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, new technology from Dr. Scott provide opportunity to choose personalized radiation dose to improve outcomes and reduce toxicity.

08/24/2020 |  

Adapting Ideas from Quantum Physics to Calculate Alternative Interventions for Infection and Cancer

A team co-led by Dr. Scott shows for the first time how ideas from quantum physics can be translated and applied to biological problems, laying the foundation for a potential new area of study entirely, called quantum-inspired biological control.