Graduate Student Programs

HHMI Med Into Grad - Ph.D. Program in Molecular Medicine The Cleveland Clinic offers joint Ph.D. programs through formal partnerships with Cleveland State University (CSU), Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Kent State University (KSU) and the University of Akron (UA). Many Cleveland Clinic faculty also have adjunct, joint or primary appointments at CSU, CWRU, KSU and UA making it possible to complete the research requirements for a Ph.D. with an advisor at the Cleveland Clinic and graduate with a degree from one of these local universities.

For all programs, except Molecular Medicine, course work for the degree is taken at the university, although in the case of joint degree programs, some instructors may choose to have courses meet at the Clinic. In all cases, the student applicant must apply directly to the graduate school and the university program that they are interested in.

Once the student has been accepted to the university degree program, inquiries may be made regarding the possibility of conducting the research work for the Ph.D. at the Cleveland Clinic, working with a Cleveland Clinic faculty advisor.

Support for Students

Ph.D. students who have been accepted into the university degree programs, and have arranged to work with advisors at the Cleveland Clinic, are supported financially during their graduate studies with a research assistantship. The assistantship usually provides full tuition and a student stipend. Financial support for students is provided from funds that are designated specifically for graduate education. Stipends vary with university program. Specifics may be obtained from the following LRI graduate program directors:

Graduate Student Association

All Graduate Students are members of the GSA. The mission of the GSA is:

  • to welcome and support each new Graduate Student
  • to provide a common association to promote professional interest and fellowship among Graduate Students
  • to organize, promote and conduct academic activities beneficial to all Cleveland Clinic Graduate Students

Graduate Student Awards for Students enrolled in Cleveland Clinic Ph.D. Partnership Programs

  • The Graduate Student Fellowship Awards recognize outstanding contributions by Clinic Graduate Students who make an important contribution to research conducted at the Cleveland Clinic. Up to four awards are made annually. Selection of recipients is based on first-author papers that have been published or submitted for publication within the past year.
  • F. Merlin Bumpus Junior Investigator Awards are presented at the annual Cleveland Clinic Research Day to recognize outstanding contributions submitted by junior scientists in training (Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students) for presentation at the event. The abstracts and oral presentations of the semifinalists are judged by the Research Day abstract review committee.

Lerner Research Institute Outreach Program

Experience the Lerner Research Institute Outreach Program on your campus and on ours. The new Lerner Research Institute Outreach Program provides two informational venues for interested students and faculty of undergraduate science programs.

  1. Many principal scientific investigators of the Lerner Research Institute have volunteered to participate as Faculty Ambassadors to present scientific seminars and information about our Ph.D. Partnership Programs to undergraduate students and faculty at regional colleges and universities.
  2. A follow-up "Visit the Lerner Research Institute Day" can be arranged to bring interested students and faculty to our campus to experience, first-hand. the cutting-edge research programs of the Institute.

To schedule a visit from an LRI Faculty Ambassador and/or a visit to the Institute, please contact Robin Crotty, Recruiting/Development Coordinator, 216.445.9417.

Graduate Program Contact Information at the Cleveland Clinic

For additional information on the graduate programs available through the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute please contact Dr. Christine Moravec, Head of Graduate Studies or Dr. Marcia Takacs Jarrett, Director of Research Education.